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April 07, 2016 0 Comments


Life can feel like it keeps getting busier and more fast-paced with every coming day. With all the ‘noise’ surrounding us, the chances of feeling swept up in the whirlwind of what’s going on seems almost inevitable. Daily routine and general busyness can sometimes make you feel flat and un-inspired, which isn’t a positive mental state for anyone to be in.

To help keep focused, motivated, passionate, and inspired - it’s good to take a moment to breathe, take stock of your surroundings, see the bigger picture, and feel ready for the next chapter. You may have experienced a moment between meditation and finding inspiration - this is what we call ‘niinspiration’.

With our new collection on the horizon and lots of exciting events and collaborations ahead, our calendars and minds are a buzz with activity. So, to help us draw focus on what lies ahead, we wanted to share some of our favourite ways of finding a little #niinspiration…

  1. The great outdoors – grab your walking shoes and let your feet show you the way. If you can try to surround yourself in nature, and practice mindfulness… observe your environment and focus on your breathing.

  2. Meditate or practice yoga – either alone or with friends; grab a mat and head to a nearby park or quiet place and calm your mind

  3. Drawing or painting – find yourself a blank canvas, piece of paper, whatever you can, and draw what’s outside your window…

  4. Tune in – find your groove and listen to music that moves you. There is a lot to be said about dancing like no one’s watching…

  5. Moodboards – we love these. Focus on a topic or event and gather colours, images, words, textures… pretty much anything that come to mind about that topic – no wrong answers here, just organised chaos.

 What about you? How do you find your #niinspiration?

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