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May 03, 2016 0 Comments

The Ajei Collection

This month, Jeanine and the niin team are excited to introduce you to niin's latest collection, Ajei. Officially launching on Thursday 26th May, we wanted to give you a special taste of what you can expect with this special new collection...

Inspired by the name for ‘my heart’ in the Navajo language, the niin Ajei collection is grounded in love and spirituality. Promoting a sense of peace in the present and a belief in the natural flow of life, these designs inspire a conscious reawakening and faith in the cosmic rhythm of the earth.

This latest niin collection was developed during Jeanine Hsu’s passage into motherhood; inspired by the miracle of creating life, it reiterates that we are all part of 'a bigger picture'.

Hsu said, “I feel like this collection has allowed me to get back to my design roots. Experiencing the spiritual elements in life and following my heart has reignited my passion for ethical design,”

Ajei brings together celestial wisdom and a sense of being true to your heart and combines these eternal philosophies with the healing properties of rose quartz and blue lace agate – stones that convey love and clarity of thought.

Maintaining a strong link to her environmental design ethos, Hsu partnered these crystals with ethically sourced mother of pearl, raw penshell, driftwood and metals to create a collection that captures the promise of a new chapter in life, one that embraces community, acceptance and love.

Featuring some of niin's most unique inlay work, this is a collection not to be missed!

Want to learn more? Watch this space for sneak peeks of the new designs in the lead up to the launch on Thursday 26th May!

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