Eco-Holiday Hot Spot: Song Saa Private Island

March 31, 2015 0 Comments

Modern life can be stressful, and every now and then it's great to just break away from it all.  At niin, we enjoy a getaway as much as anyone, but finding a special place that shares the same environmental values as we do is truly amazing.

Song Saa Private Island is one of these special places; an untouched, little piece of paradise in the Gulf of Thailand. Just a 35minute boat ride from the port of Sihaoukville, the island is mostly undeveloped rainforests, tropical reefs and white beaches.

As one of Cambodia’s first luxury private island resorts, they are committed to maintaining the natural beauty of the island that make the location so unique. Falling in love with the location when they first traveled to the Kohn Rong archipelago, owners, Rory and Melita Hunter vowed to do whatever they could to improve the well-being and health of the environment, local villages, and the economy.

Through their own efforts and later through the work of the Song Saa conservation and community program, they have implemented a range of unique and innovative projects to help protect this piece of paradise.

From the treatment and reusing of all water on the island, to the recycling and reuse of timber from old discarded Cambodian fishing boats in their furniture and construction, Song Saa really has some great environmental initiatives in place.


We are so proud to be associated with this special location, with niin products being available to purchase on site.

So, if you are looking for a destination for your next resort getaway head over to Song Saa and be peaceful in the knowledge that you are taking time to look after yourself and the environment.

Images sourced from: Song Saa Private Island

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