Introducing the Zayah Collection

June 02, 2015 0 Comments


For all the modern Cleopatras...

Last Wednesday 27th May, amongst niin Friends, VIPs, and Hong Kong socialites, we introduced our new Zayah Collection and Exhibition featuring artwork by Tanya Bennett (Pirate) at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong.

Zayah: Pronounced ‘Zai-ah’, the name is taken from a traditional Tibetan girl’s name. It is a name evoking the sounds of ‘Gaia’; earthy, true, wholesome – with a touch of mystique and creativity befitting a confident and vibrant independent woman.

Zayah is inspired by the beauty of transformation. Just as the elements of earth shape one another through movement and seasonal forces, this collection explores the contrasts of the natural world and the breath-taking majesty they create. The untamed, dynamic energy of the earth is personified in one of history’s most iconic women, Cleopatra. Her mystique and independence have been immortalised through legend and literature and live on today in the creativity and strength of the modern woman.

"Just wanted to say congrats on a beautiful event. I love my new necklace. I received a compliment on it yesterday at the four seasons spa, where they recognized it as a Niin piece. Thanks again for a lovely evening..."


For the launch, we wanted to celebrate modern women, and commissioned portraits of 10 local ‘Cleopatra’s’ wearing elements from the Zayah collection.  These female representatives of the Hong Kong creative and entrepreneurial scene have been illustrated by local artist and modern ‘Cleopatra’ herself Tanya Bennett (Pirate).

Ms Bennett’s evocative portraits of these inspiring women were on display at the Zayah launch and auctioned off to raise funds for WWF-Hong Kong.  Ms Bennett will also be offering a special price for any private commission work booked as a result of the event, with a percentage of sales joining the charitable donation.

n i i n’s modern ‘Cleopatra’s’ include: Mimi Brown (The Spring Workshop), Thierry Chow (Artist, Feng Shui Master), Valerie Chow (Mamakid/Film Actress), Katie de Tilly (10 Chancery Lane Gallery), Cara G Mcilroy (Genie Juicery), Claire Hsu (Asia Art Archive), Marissa Fung Shaw (Asian Cultural Council), Vivienne Tang (AsiaSpa, The Sanctuary), Su-Mei Thompson (The Women's Foundation), and Jing Zhang (South China Morning Post).

Committed to environmental sustainability and supporting the community, a portion of the proceeds made at the n i i n new collection launch event will be donated to WWF-Hong Kong for conservation and education work.

Staying true to our commitment to natural beauty and environmental responsibility, n i i n’s Zayah collection features a range of natural and up-cycled materials including recycled wood, brass, gold, lapis lazuli, white stone and abalone shells.  These materials are fused together in bold geometric shapes and elemental forms to create a collection to be coveted.

A massive thanks to our amazing sponsors, MITTE, FIOL Prosecco, Jax Coco, Endeavour Vintage Beer, Farmer’s Organic Gin and a special thanks to our friends at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Green Vitamin, Love Confectionery, Sohofama and Locofama.

If you haven't experience the Zayah Collection yet, be sure to stop into our Sheung Wan Boutique to see the pieces first hand or shop online now.

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