Superfood Smoothie Paired with Healing Stones - Part 1

July 23, 2018 0 Comments

Superfood Smoothie Paired with Healing Stones - Part 1

We all know the first fundamental rule of healthy eating is to never skip breakfast. We believe that a nutritious packed breakfast contributes to a healthy morning routine, which is the ultimate investment along with meditation (and ideally also some exercise), in your best self for the rest of the day. 

As Thomas Oppong, writer and startup entrepreneur says, “Starting and maintaining a positive morning routine is an investment of a lifetime. It gives you structure, builds life-changing habits, and creates momentum for the rest of your day.”

Looks out for our superfood smoothie recipes that you can easily throw together in the morning, paired with our very own jewellery with the best healing stones to create the ultimate combo to help you get energised and styled for different occasions.

Superpower energy
This energy-boosting smoothie is the best way to kick-start your day. This combination of Kale and spinach is, rich in vitamin A, K, C, B6, calcium, magnesium, and iron is considered to be one of the most nutritionally dense foods.

Spinach is rich in iron and other compounds that increase the efficiency of mitochondria (that produce energy inside our cells) and will leave you feeling supercharged for a while after drinking it.  

Black onyx is said to assist with overcoming challenges and preventing a drain of personal energy. It is known for raising one’s resistance and persistence, enabling you to carry the most unmanageable tasks through to completion.
Mother of pearl offers a calming effect on the body, reducing stress, irritability, and lowering blood pressure. It is also said to protect and repel any negative energies, and to be useful to purify the environments, which help to balance your emotions and clear the mind for good decision making.

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