Modern Summer Style with an Eco Twist

July 03, 2015 0 Comments

The sun is high and the days are long – summer is certainly here. It’s time to step straight into the season looking light, bright, and beautiful. For those looking to complete their summer wardrobe with a few key accessories, your summer ensembles have never been easier with pairing niin’s collection of summer jewellery. The eco-chic designs offer a range of dynamic, modern pieces with an environmental conscience.

Summer stacking is made easy with niin’s Zayah Small Wing Pendant Necklace and Zayah Lapis Lazuli Oval Pendant Necklace. The easy to wear pieces add a hint of glamour and mystic to your everyday wear, while the stone properties provide a sense of grounding and internal strength.

 Zayah Lapis Lazuli Oval Pendant Necklace (HKD$1500); Zayah Small Pendant Necklace (HKD$850)

If rings are more your thing, niin has them in all shapes and sizes. Stacking rings is all about developing your own look, truly personalising the way you wear your jewellery. Get creative and combine metals, stones, shapes, and sizes this summer to create your own unique modern look all of your own.

Zayah Lapis Lazuli Cocktail Ring (HKD$3000); Cosmo Single Twisted Gold Plated Ring (HKD$890); Zayah Lapis Lazuli Oval Stack Ring (HKD$1200); Zayah Small Wing Chain Ring Bracelet (HKD$950)


Cosmo Triple Platings Twisted Ring (HKD$2900); White Mischief Gold Oval Stack Ring (HKD$1200); Cosmo Rose Gold Oval Stack Ring (HKD$1200); Cosmo Single Twisted Rose Gold Plated Ring (HKD$890); Cosmo Rose Gold Round Tibetan Agate Stack Ring (HKD$1500)


niin’s pendants, colliers, and choker also act as the finishing touch to your summer wardrobe. Handmade using recycled woods, brass, shell, and resin, these pieces make a modern chic environmental statement to every outfit. Dress them up or down with shirt-dresses or light singlets and printed pants.

Aurora Inlaid Pendant Necklace – white mother of pearl, recycled brass, and paua beige shell (HKD$2,800)

Zayah Collier Necklace – white wood, white mactan stone, paua blue and kabibi shell with brass (HKD$2,800)

Zayah Cleopatra Choker – white wood, white mactan stone, paua blue, and kabibi shell in brass (HKD$2,000)


For the confident woman looking to stand out in the crowd, niin’s collection of clutches will take your wardrobe to another level. Spacious enough to fit your phone and all your essentials, these unique clutches are great for any occasion, day or night.


Whether it’s day or night, business or pleasure, a little piece of niin can help make your summer last longer than ever.

What's your summer outfit staple?  And what niin accessory would you partner with it?

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