Zayah Collection Launch - Watch the video!


Keep thinking about all the fun you had at the Zayah Collection launch?  Well, now you can relive it and share it with your friends!  Check out the event video on our YouTube channel.

niin's first first collection of 2015, Zayah, is inspired by the beauty of transformation.  The untamed, dynamic energy of the earth is personified in one of history’s most iconic women, Cleopatra.  Her mystique and independence have been immortalised through legend and literature and live on today in the creativity and strength of the modern woman.

Inspiration has been brought to life in designs featuring recycled wood, brass, gold, lapis lazuli, white stones and abalone shells, fused together in bold geometric shapes and elemental forms to create a collection to be coveted.

View the entire Zayah Collection - Free Shipping is available for all online purchases and all products are lovingly gift wrapped.

niin jewellery
niin jewellery


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