Welcome Italia!

August 04, 2015 0 Comments

Once in a while, a break from Hong Kong’s busy city life is a blessing. Although already familiar with Europe, niin has connected to yet another breathtaking island destination, Sardinia, Italy.

Is Fradis Beach Club is located on the South-East coast of this beautiful little piece of paradise. With the airport and Cagliari city center just 40 km away, stepping into idyllic white shores and pristine sparkling water has never felt so easy.

This particular region of Sardinia, Cala Sinzias, is home to some particularly spectacular beaches. The pale blue waters are registered with Goletta Verde Legambiente (an environmental organization) as being some of the most limpid and uncontaminated in Italy.

If shiny white beaches weren’t tempting enough, Is Fradis' fresh Italian cuisine will surely get you going. Their menu comprises of modern Mediterranean delights with a Sardinian twist for healthy, stylish meals made from local produce.

A sophisticated fusion of restaurant, lounge bar, and beach club, Is Fradis Beach Club provides guests with DJs from Ibiza and hosts amazing parties to create the perfect atmosphere to chill out, relax, and have an all round good time. Whether you are soaking up the sun, sipping on signature cocktails, or enjoying the local cuisine, Is Fradis is sure to offer an experience like no other.



And you can also complete your Sardinian escape with some morning beachfront yoga. Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Is Fradis puts on yoga and a breakfast of raw juices, smoothies, fruit, and a selection of pastries – what better way to start your day?


Are you ready to explore Sardinia? Don’t forget to pack your niin, or pick up some of our pieces at the Is Fradis Beach Club boutique to keep your holiday styling.

So, where will you go for your next escape?



Images sourced from: Is Fradis Beach Club