Asian Stone Designs

August 31, 2015 0 Comments

Jewellery doesn't always have to be about a making a fashion statement.  It can be about adding a hint of character and personality to an everyday outfit, or creating a sense of grounding and stability through a crystals metaphysical healing properties and colour therapy. 


Whether you are dressing up or down, or looking to calm a busy lifestyle, every fashionable ensemble wouldn’t be complete without the finishing touches of a few tasteful accessories, and niin’s new unisex collection are the perfect accent pieces to showcase your unique style.

Each stone has been specifically selected for their unique metaphysical and healing properties to assist in the modern daily life.  Not to mention the stones overall appearance and coloration, easily partner with most ensembles.


Using niin’s trademark natural materials, the raw stone cufflinks, featuring carnelian and moss agate are a classic nod to modern aesthetics whilst maintaining a certain industrial, elemental cool.

Made with polished raw stone, 925 silver and 1micron 18K gold-plated silver, the new niin designs are the eco-chic accessory for the man that loves to suit up.

Drawing inspiration from niin’s Asian roots, the stone beaded bracelets offer a modern alternative to traditional prayer bead styles.  The stone beaded bracelets come in small and large beads and one and three wrap options, in a variety of sizes.  Interchangeable, the three wrap options of the bracelets can also be worn as a necklace offering a more versatile accessory option.

The small beaded bracelets also offer an additional special grounding element by way of a link to the cosmos with their feature meteorite beads.  These unique pieces of stone have been polished into beads and are said to reflect positive universal energy.

 Come in to visit niin in our Sheung Wan boutique to learn more about these new pieces today.


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