Crystal Focus - Amazonite

October 06, 2015 0 Comments

Connected to the throat chakra, and the thymus chakra (also known as the higher heart), Amazonite is all about healthy communication. It will help you gain confidence with being more open with your ideals and speaking about your true beliefs, rather than following societal norms. It is often called the “hope stone” as it inspires hope and confidence to its wearer.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable or tense situation, Amazonite is said to send out calming vibes and keep you on track. These crystals are powerful at reliving one of all their stresses and worries, while also providing positive energy.

These stones are known for giving you the power to be straightforward and speak the truth freely. Especially during emotional times, when it is difficult to say what we really want to, these crystals will lead you to be open about your feelings and thoughts. Offering strength for people dealing with emotional trauma or disturbances.

Because it brings you closer to the truth, Amazonites are also said to assist with self-discovery. The crystal allows the wearer to open their mind to discover their own truth and integrity, and to understand themselves better. It encourages a higher sense of self-worth and provides gives you a chance to understand and get rid of the toxic things in your life.

Muscle cramps, calcium deficiency, pregnancy, eczema, tooth decay; this crystal is reputable for healing all of those health issues and many more.

Do you know anyone in need of strength?



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