Crystal Focus - Mother of Pearl

This month we look at what was 2015’s most popular material, Mother of Pearl. Mother of pearl, also known as Nacre, is a shining, smooth, iridescent mineral containing properties of protection, and healing, and calm. It is commonly found as the inner layer of the shells of mollusks such as oysters and abalone.

Commonly used for jewellery, mother of pearl has also been used for tiles, ornaments, and items such as musical instruments. In ancient cultures, mother of pearl, and other iridescent shell linings, was thought to be more valuable then any pearls found within.

Mother of pearl is said to posses a soothing rhythmic energy, which it gains from it’s nautical beginnings. This soothing offers a calming effect on the body, reducing stress, irritability, and lowering blood pressure. It is also said to protect and repel any negative energies, and to be useful to purify the environments, which help to balance our emotions and clear the mind for good decision making.

For those looking to start 2016 with a calm, stress-free existence, take a look at some of our popular mother of pearl pieces.



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niin jewellery
niin jewellery


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