Crystal Focus - Petrified Wood

February 04, 2016 0 Comments

Petrified wood might be one of the more ancient elements used in niin designs. The name originates from the Greek root petro meaning “rock” or “stone”; which literally translates to “wood turned into stone”. Petrified Wood is the name given to the fossilised remains of plant matter.

A naturally occurring process, petrified wood forms when plant matter is completely buried by sediment and protected from decay. The organic materials in the wood are replaced with minerals, turning it into stones or rocks, resulting in a fossil of the original plant/woody material.

Connected with the Third Eye Chakra and the Root Chakras, this stone can bring energetic healing powers both physically and emotionally. The stone is said to have a powerful connection to the Earth and its energies because its natural form was wood. For this reason, petrified wood can be a good calming stone as it promotes patience and clarity of the mind. It is especially helpful for people who feel disconnected from nature or from the Earth, as it encourages one to live and think more spiritually.

If you often encounter challenges in various situations, petrified wood is said to be powerful in eliminating any kinds of obstacles. It will help you to clear your mind, reach your goals efficiently and help you easily overcome all the barriers and bumps that come your way.

Being in contact with petrified wood is a great way for city dwellers to stay connected to the vibrations of nature; allowing the wearer to respect and find balance with the elements and in nature.

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