New kids in the Kong - Introducing Hong Kong Keepsakes

Have you met our new Hong Kong Keepsakes? 

In celebration of our special region, the 852, niin launches their new range of unisex bracelet designs, Hong Kong Keepsakes.

Hong Kong has thousands of stories to tell. For travellers or locals, Hong Kong is a place that inspires. Reimagining the iconic symbols of Hong Kong, niin has created a distinct and special collection of Hong Kong Keepsake bracelets. 

“As a Hong Kong designer, it’s nice to be able to reflect on the iconic symbols and traditions that make Hong Kong so special,” said niin Founder & Creative Director, Jeanine Hsu.

“I considered elements that are of symbolic importance for locals, along with the elements which draw visitors to our city; pieces of our culture that people will take back with them,”

The Hong Kong Keepsake range features six silver, gold, and rose-rold plated charms strung onto red-strings, which are said to bring good fortune and positivity to the lives of their wearers. Designs include: Hong Kong, Double Happiness, Golden Dragon, Jade, Happy Buddha, and Double Fish.

Packaged around a traditional Lai See red packet featuring descriptions and meanings behind the designs, niin’s Hong Kong Keepsakes make the perfect gift for young and old, locals and tourists alike to show your love of this mesmerising city.




niin jewellery
niin jewellery


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