Crystal Focus - Jasper

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Crystal Focus - Jasper

Jasper is also known as the “supreme nurturer”; it’s strong connection with the Earth’s energy are said to help sustain and support the wearer in times of stress and bring tranquility, wholeness, stability, and grounding. Available across the world in a variety of colours, it is said each colour, pattern and shape represent different qualities and properties.

Jasper is a variety of chalcedony, microcrystalline quartz; this enables the stone to carry the same energies of quartz and chalcedony as well. Used to align all of the chakras, each variety of Jasper also has additional relationships with the different chakras depending on its composition, colours, and energies.

Jasper Raw Stones

Historically, Jasper was valued for it’s security and healing powers. It was considered sacred and protective for both the physical and spiritual realms and was often worn by priests, shamans, and kings. Ancient Egyptians carved jasper talismans and amulets to be buried with their dead to offer safe passage in the after life.

Jasper should be worn or carried to assist with the cleansing and elimination of negative energy, to help stablise the aura. Because of its ability to sooth the nerves and increase focus, it makes for an ideal worry or rubbing stone. Balancing yin and yang, Jasper clears any electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation.

Jasper Stones

Also a stone of courage, Jasper is said to impart the wearer with a sense of determination and tenacity in all pursuits. It is believed to encourage honesty with oneself when confronting problems, and help recognize and overcome fear, guilt, and insecurities. Inspiring one to move forward assertively, rather than aggressively, Jasper acts as a reminder to work harmoniously with others.

Do you or someone you know feel in need of stability and mental clarity? Jasper might just be the stone for you…

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