All I want for Christmas...

December 15, 2016 0 Comments

The holiday season is in full swing. Decorations are up, carols are playing, and family and friends are getting together for fun-filled gatherings. If you're still putting together your wish-lists or picking up the last of your secret santa's, you'll find some festive favourites here at niin. With complimentary gift wrapping and shipping, we can help you tick off your shopping lists... 


For those of you heading overseas or have friends and family visiting over the holidays, present your secret santa with a little piece of the 852 with our Hong Kong Keepsakes. Or for a gift with an environmental message, look no further than our Gaia Bracelets - each design is based around different environmental causes or endangered species.


What better to gift your girlfriends than one of our Oval Stacking rings. Pick one of the different healing stones or crystals to suit your besties personality or traits they might benefit from in the New Year. Think Green Aventurine for future success, Mother of Pearl for calming, fertility and childbirth, or Onyx to help overcome challenges... There's a crystal for everyone!

Give the men in your life something really special with a pair of our unique raw stone cufflinks. Available in carnelian, moss agate, or meteorite, these beauties feature raw stones making each piece truly individual, just like your man.

The festive season means lots of parties and get-togethers. Make yourself feel all party-ready with a pair of our inlay earrings and truly stand out in the crowd. Hand-crafted using various ethically sourced shells and woods, no two pieces are ever the same.

If you feel you've been really good this year, why not drop hints for your special someone (or for Santa) with one of our clutches or collier necklaces. The limited production and hand craftsmanship ensures you'll have a piece of wearable art totally unique to you. The new Eska Clutch will have you shining bright in all the right ways these holidays.

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