Crystal Focus - Meteorite

August 23, 2016 0 Comments

Crystal Focus - Meteorite

Mysterious and elemental in their nature, meteorites are some of the most unique stones niin have the pleasure of working with.

Meteorites are stones that have travelled through space as comets, asteroid belts or planets and have survived the journey falling through earth’s atmosphere in a meteor shower.


Because of the unique nature of the stones, their composition and colour range can vary greatly. More traditionally, there are three classes of meteorite –Stone, Stony-Iron, and Iron. These classifications define not only the composition but also the placement of the fragment from within the meteor itself – Iron meteorites coming from the core, while Stone meteorites are from the crust or outer layers. niin’s current range of meteorites are iron-based in nature and were sourced in Mexico.

Meteorite rings

Meteorites are said to hold the energy of the cosmos and pass this energy on to the wearer. Assisting to channel the wearer’s mental energy and listen to your intuition, meteorites can be used to balance and align the energetic fields of the body offering a great source for calming and grounding.

As well as grounding, protection, and balance, meteorites are said to help with energetically strengthening the body, increasing stamina and physical healing.

If you are looking for a unique piece of the cosmos, meteorites might just be for you…

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