Crystal Focus - Smoky Quartz

October 17, 2017 0 Comments

Smoky quartz is the stone of the earth and root chakra. It's dark colours come from being exposed to underground radiation from granite deposits. Natural smoky quartz has different tones of brown grey, black and sometimes yellowish brown.

It is believed that if you meditate with smoky quartz, it will protect you from negative energy and emotions like jealousy, anger and fear and transmit them back to the earth. As a grounding crystal, it will help you feel more positive and encourage you to find creative solutions when solving problems. Linked deeply with the earth, smoky quartz can absorb electromagnetic pollution that's given off by power lines and electronics, so keep your quartz on you and beside your bed. 

In feng shui practices it is used as a protective and grounding shield at the entrance of homes or in a child's room by the window. When placed in the office it is believed to filter out negativity among colleagues and encourage a harmonious work place. 

As early as the 12th century in China, smoky quartz was used to make sunglasses. It is also the national gem of Scotland and called cairngorm because it can be found in the Cairngorm Mountains, used for decorating kilt pins and knife handles. It's also the birthstone for the month of October and a perfect gift for your calm, cool and mysterious scorpio friend.

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