Crystal Focus - White Howlite

October 23, 2017 0 Comments

Crystal Focus - White Howlite

With an opaque surface and delicate black marbling, the white howlite stone is associated with the Crown Chakra and symbolizes memory, knowledge and progress. It is found in only a few locations, most commonly in Canada and North America.

When it comes to its spiritual and meta-physical properties, this mineral represents awareness. Its white colour connotes the mystical enlightenment from the Higher Self and the Divine, which makes White Howlite a good stone for meditation. 

White Howlite

It is believed to have a very relaxing aura and is said to absorb negativity, clearing our thoughts and creating a peaceful mind. This ability to release doubts and emotional pains make this stone a popular guardian crystal. As well as it’s calming properties, white howlite can also be used to heighten creativity and expand self-expression.

White howlite healing properties are used to strengthen teeth and bones, and for treating kidney and gallbladder stones. Moreover, when having a white howlite under the pillow is also said to aid against insomnia.

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