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June 05, 2017 0 Comments


Last Saturday, niin Founder & Creative Director, Jeanine Hsu was pleased to join other inspiring female entrepreneurs for a day of education and fashion. The Female Entrepreneurs #RETHINKFASHION event held at Duddell Street, Hong Kong was an opportunity for emerging designers, fashion entrepreneurs, and those looking to break into the industry to hear first-hand experience from those in the know. The event touched on topics including sustainable design and slow fashion, the future of design, how to break into the industry and what it takes to succeed.


As strong supporters of all things sustainable, Jeanine spoke of her creative journey and the importance of keeping an open mind in the design process. Jeanine explained how it was inspiring hearing of other people’s journeys and being able to share her experiences,

“It was an amazing turnout with a really engaged audience. I was blown away by the interest in sustainability in fashion and I am more excited than ever to see how everyone’s support of ‘green fashion’ will continue to shape the industry,” Jeanine said.


Thanks everyone who attended, we hope you took home some valuable information. For updated event details by Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide, visit their website here.

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