Green Is The New Black Hosts the 2019 Conscious Festival In Hong Kong

April 15, 2019 0 Comments

Here at Niin, we are continuously on the lookout to get involved with as many forward-thinking, environmentally focused and knowledge empowering organisations as we can. That’s why on the 13 and 14thth of April we were delighted to be a part of The Conscious Festival hosted at the Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong organized by Green Is The New Black. 

The Conscious Festival was held over 2 days, featuring game-changing talks from some of Asia’s leading conscious change makers. All with a commitment to empowering people with the correct knowledge and inspiration they need to take confident and positive actions to implement into their life and work. 

Alongside the panels and talks, over 70 brands and artists were involved in a marketplace, all with a mission to make solid and meaningful change in their industries, whilst causing no harm or environmental damage to the world. Here at Niin, we were so pleased to take apart in this Marketplace alongside some game-changing brands whose beliefs and actions inspire us regularly to live more consciously. 

Furthermore, there was a delicious selection of tasty and planet-friendly vegan food available alongside some live music featuring local brands bringing soulful tunes to the whole experience.

And if that wasn’t enough to get your conscious juices flowing, the festival held a vast array of workshops and interactive experiences for you to practice the change first hand and immerse your body and mind completely. From an enduring workout from the Kapuhala warrior, which tested your strong mind and perseverance, to a more calming evening of sunset yoga with Fitsphere by Liv Lo, meditations and VR experiences, there was something for everyone over the weekend.

We were thrilled to take part in such an enjoyable event for a crucial cause. We are passionate about coming together with other brands and organisations with a mission and dedication to change the world, educate ourselves as individuals, and as a generation, and most importantly; be kind to each other, ourselves and the planet we love to call home.

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