Holiday Bucket List : Unique Destinations & Matching niin Pieces

July 02, 2020 0 Comments

Holiday Bucket List : Unique Destinations & Matching niin Pieces

With so much uncertainty around international travel at the moment and a lot of our plans put on hold, it’s fun to dream about our next holiday destination and the natural wonders we can explore...

We’ve put together a few “off the beaten track” holiday hotspots that we think you should have in your bucket list, if you haven’t checked them out already. Get inspired by these amazing destinations and get your niin accessories to match!

Rainbow Mountains, China

Known for their natural ethereal colours, the Rainbow Mountains within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park are a geological wonder of the world that you cannot miss! The park is surprisingly easy to get to and visitors have praised its extensive system of walkways, viewing platforms and shuttle buses, so you can be sure to enjoy the site with ease.

The region’s most prominent colour is a deep red sandstone and is famous for it’s unique rainbow striation. Here are our niin picks that pair well with these Rainbow Mountains:

Polished Rock Dyed Agate on Gold Silver Necklace - $3,250
Sisu Bar Stud Earring - $2,200
Magic Rouge Gold Oval Stack Ring 
- $1,200
Cosmo Triple Platings Twisted Ring 
- $2,800


Lavender Fields, France

The scenic  French town of Grasse has one of the best climates in Europe for growing fragrant flowers like jasmine and lavender, so it’s no surprise that it’s the centre of the French perfume industry and well known for its flowers and perfume. 

While it may be easier to buy perfume in the city, we suggest visiting the breathtaking countryside too. The lavender fields of Provence are a horizon-stretching plateau covered in the aromatic purple flowers surrounded by scenic hills and century-old abbeys.

The lavender fields bloom from mid-June to mid-August, depending on the area and the seasonal weather. It is suggested the best time to visit is during the last week of June through July; lavender is usually harvested from July to September.

To match the romantic picturesque town of Grasse, these are our soft and elegant niin picks:

Gaia Fine Coraline Pendant Earrings - $17,750
Ajei Rose Quartz Star of David Pendant Necklace
- $2,500
Ha tha Cuff 
- $2,600
Cosmo Rose Gold Round Tibetan Agate Stack Ring 
- $1,500



Lençois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil 

This spectacular landscape situated on the coast in  Maranhão state in the north of Brazil is beautifully untouched and dreamy. Not your typical Brazilian destination, we’re sure this will inspire your next travel adventures. 

The name Lençois Maranhenses translates to ‘bedsheets of Maranhão and received its name because of its extraordinary rolling, smooth clean sand dunes, which appear to look like bedsheets. You can trek, hire horses, or quad bike around the dunes, but be sure to set out with a guide as the park has some pretty harsh environments, with strong winds and intense sun. An exceptional experience not to miss!

These beautiful midnight blue lakes and stunning white dunes pair well with some of these classic niin pieces:

Eska Clutch - $10,000
Vida Amazonite Drop Pendant Earrings
- $1,800
Umbra Small Oval Abalone Cage Ring  
- $2,000
Zayah Collier Necklace  
- $2,800



Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand 

Home to some of the highest mountains and largest glaciers, Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is one of New Zealand’s best playgrounds for hiking enthusiasts. Luckily you don’t have to be a mountaineer to enjoy these mountains and we think everyone should experience Aoraki Mount Cook National Park at least once in their lifetime. Apart from hiking, there are other great activities you can do as well, including helicopter rides, glacier landing, and stargazing.

We think these subtle yet powerful niin pieces are a great match for the gorgeous natural surroundings in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park:

Umbra Oval Onyx Pendant Necklace - $1,500
Eska Stack Duo Ring 
- $1,100 
Ha tha Bar Pendant Earrings 
- $1,800
Triple Wrap Skinny Bead with Meteorite Bracelet - Onyx  
- $1,800


Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan 

Looking for a spiritual quest? The Tiger’s Nest Monastery near Paro, Bhutan may not be your usual retreat but it may just be what you’re looking for. There is a legend that Guru Rinpoche, an 8th-century Buddhist master from northwest India, was carried from Tibet to this location on the back of a tigress, and so, giving it the name “Tiger’s Nest.” If you haven’t had the chance to explore Bhutan, visiting the Tiger’s Nest will show you Bhutan’s ancient sense of spirituality; definitely an enlightening trip for all.

Hiking up to the Tiger’s Nest will have you surrounded by the natural wonders of these ancient mountain ranges, here are some our earthly niin picks to pair with:

Sisu Block Pendant Choker - $2,800
Triple Wrap Skinny Bead Bracelet with Pyrite - Labradorite - $1,600
Ajei Feather Drop Earrings - $1,980
Shyme Gold Oval Stack Ring - $1,200
Umbra Small Oval Labradorite Stack Ring - $1,200






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