Ikigai Collection Launch at John Masters Organics

April 05, 2018 0 Comments

Ikigai Collection Launch at John Masters Organics

Mission. Passion. Vocation. Profession.

Thank you to all our friends and family who came to John Masters Organics Sun Street pop up on Thursday 29th March, for the latest collection launch, Ikigai. 

The Ikigai Collection is based on the Japanese philosophy, Ikigai, meaning “a reason for being”. It encompasses the four elements of Mission: what you love, Passion: what you’re good at, Vocation: what the world needs and Profession: what you can be paid for to bring meaning to your life.

We were honoured to welcome model Angie Ng, Dragon-i owner, Gilbert Yeung and model Martina Sivkova, Clemence Janin, Bernie Thomas and blogger Jasmine Smith, world-renowned naturopathic doctor Dr. Nigma, Lupe Puerta from Net a Porter and the Ikigai Collection photographer Paul Sunga to join us at the launch.

This collection was specially designed to represent the journey of discovering your own Ikigai. Each material correlates to a part of the wheel, including the colour and element it represents.  

Blue Oyster Shell- Vocation: what the world needs

Blue is a colour that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, promoting physical and mental relaxation, which the world needs. It creates an inner security and confidence to do work with purpose, order and direction for the world.

White Agate Stone- Mission: what you love

White is a blank slate, a space that is for purifying your thoughts so you can follow your heart with peace and calm to do what you love.

Stainless Steel- Passion: what you’re good at

Silver calls for reflection and inspires intuition to stay in the ebb and flow of the tides of what you’re doing. It shows you in which direction to move forward that aligns with your passions even when change is occurring.

Grey Wood- Profession: what you can be paid for

Brown is the colour for material security and possessions but it is also frugal, from the earth and not associated with excess or waste. While it is about your profession and what you can be paid for, it values quality and moderation.

We thank our generous sponsors at Four Fox Sake, Peroni, Wine Brothers, dragon-i, Plastic-Free HK, Float On Hong Kong and Spiral Spaces for their contribution to a successful evening. 

A special thanks to our friends at Wellness 360 and John Masters Organics for allowing us to share their beautiful pop up space at Sun Street. 

The Ikigai Collection is now available to view at the niin boutique in Sheung Wan and online at


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