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Introducing the SISU & Alaria Collection

October 17, 2017 0 Comments

Introducing the SISU & Alaria Collection


Sisu (pronounced see-soo), is a Finnish word that speaks to tenacity, valor and perseverance. Inspired by these concepts and the colours of the Saami people of the Arctic region, the Sisu collection features sculptural, geometric designs, crafted with red tiger's eye, smoky quartz, recycled shell and woods, white stone, sterling silver and brass.


niin is also proud to announce the launch of a unique collaboration with Austrian jewellery house, AENEA- the Alaria Collection. One of the most emotive collections from both jewellery houses, Alaria was inspired by the colours and forms of aquatic life. Channeling niin's trademark enlightened environment mindset, the collection has been handcrafted using AENA's utmost level of quality, featuring conflict free precious stones.  

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