Jeanine Talks About 10 Years at niin

January 06, 2020 0 Comments

Jeanine Talks About 10 Years at niin

How does it feel being in business for 10 years?
It is a huge milestone, and upon reflection- seeing how far it has come after years of dedication, it’s very exciting to think where we could be, given another 10 years.
What's your favourite collaboration?
I love working with friends, and making a difference - so probably designing the WWF Gaia bracelets with Marissa Fung -Shaw back in 2010. 10% of proceeds are donated to The WWF (Worldwide Fund for nature HK) and they help to spread the message but in a fun and colourful way.
Favourite collection?
Actually I love the Cosmo collection. I used a combination of meteorite and rutilated quartz. Interestingly it has come full circle, as we are not only using rutilated quartz again this year in the VIDA collection but also named our third son born this year by the same name 5 years later ;)

What were the biggest challenges you had to deal with?
Balancing motherhood and business is the most challenging for me. Splitting your time up, where you actually feel balanced and that neither are neglected...
I found especially during the last few months of pregnancy and the first few months after birth the worst as baby brain really is a thing haha 😂😅
I think most recently launching into mainland China and learning the ropes would come next .. I still have a long way to go but am feeling excited as the feedback on the brand has been really positive so far.
What's your advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs out there?
Don’t give up on your dreams.
(But also - don’t be afraid to ask for help, you’d be amazed how many people can be kind and how much support is needed to pull it off!) 
What's in store for the future of niin?
We have a lot in store for niin this year...We are expanding.
We have started showcasing and selling in mainland China.
We will push our online presence, and start to sell globally.
We will develop more lines.
We are co-launching a Vocational training school in the Philippines to train and teach conscious jewellery design and making!

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