meet mum:me: Cara G McIlroy

May 05, 2018 0 Comments

meet mum:me: Cara G McIlroy

Meet mum:me, Cara G McIlroy, Co Founder of Genie Juicery, T.V. Presenter, Model and mum of daughters, India Wilde 4 and Freija Rain 2.

This busy mum keeps her household balanced by living out of the city and close to nature and always near the beach. You can find her and the kids playing on the beach or splashing in the blow up pool in their garden. When it comes to eating out, they love Mavericks near their home or hitting up Limewood when they're in town. 

They have dinner together every night and then read books before bed, except for Fridays! Friday nights are for movie night, complete with popcorn and gummy bears to cuddle up and watch something together as a family.  

Cara and the girls picked rose quartz for their designs because it represents love and it's the girls' favourite colour. They also picked moonstone in their bracelets because Cara's always liked moonstones and the colours go well together. 

Cara's mum:me truth: 

"Until you’re a mother you never really understand how difficult it actually is. You become your children. Everything you do is for them… literally everything. It’s hard to explain, but all mothers need to give up a part of themselves and this deserves recognition. We have so much to learn from our children so make sure when we are with them, be present, be with them listen to them and grow together."



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