meet the mum:me: Denise Ho

April 29, 2018 0 Comments

meet the mum:me: Denise Ho

Meet mum:me, Denise Ho, fashion stylist and consultant for sustainable brands. 

This new mum of 7 month old Donovan Lin likes to take her family time outdoors and hike to exercise or down to the playground and out to Proof for breakfast. When they can't make it out for hikes during typhoon season, she calls in grandma and grandpa to babysit while she goes on a date to the movies with her husband. 

While she is just beginning the journey into motherhood, she shared that she knows Donovan understands her when she can make him laugh, there is a connection there that is invaluable.  

She chose pearls for her bracelets because she likes the colour and wearing them to dress up a simple t-shirt. 


Denise's mum:me truth: 

"I am still learning everyday, and have no clue what I am doing most of the time."



Photographed by Paul Sunga


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