meet the mum:me: Madeleine Thompson Green

May 01, 2018 0 Comments

meet the mum:me: Madeleine Thompson Green

Meet mum:me, Madeleine Thompson Green, designer of Madeleine Thompson Cashmere with bold colourful lines. 

Mum of three, Jake 4.5, Lily 2.5 and Edie 9 months loves spending time together at home in their garden when it's sunny but when it's wet outside, they love making gingerbread men with icing in all the colours for a messy and delicious activity.

Mornings at their home starts anytime from 5:30 with the youngest, Edie and they get in their cuddles just before the madness begins. Jake is the ball of energy who wakes up next to play while Madeleine makes breakfast. Finally, Lily joins them because she loves her sleep! The meal itself is usually like a full circus with two dogs running around stealing food too, they often find themselves late for school but it's just part of the journey of parenthood.

For her bracelets, she chose moonstone and jade because the colours are beautiful and calming together and the healing properties represent love and being in tune with your intuition, two things all mothers have and need when running a household of 3 (plus two furry ones)! 


Madeleline's mum:me truth: 

"Get enough sleep and work on your patience! I am the most impatient person and it's been a real journey for me which I am still working on. You get as much out as you put in so spend as much time with them as you can and don't panic, it's all good!"




Photographed by Paul Sunga

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