Neighbourhood watch: all the places we love in Sheung Wan

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Neighbourhood watch: all the places we love in Sheung Wan


We are off Hollywood road in Sheung Wan and wanted to share with you all the local businesses we love, to take care of your mind, body and nourish your soul. So come along with your senses and journey with us through one of the earliest neighbourhoods settled by the British back in 1842.  



TEAKHA - Our favourite afternoon pick me up is their secret brew of hot masala chai tea. 

Urban Coffee Roasters - Across the street from our shop, we love a soy latte before opening our doors at 11 am.  

Cafe Dead End - Pick up lunch and fresh baked goods to share daily. 

Mana Cafe - Gluten free, open faced flat breads at an al fresco location makes for a quiet moment to enjoy a fresh and delicious meal. Not to be confused with their Wellington street location Mana. 

Bún Chả - Just off Aberdeen Street and Stuanton Street, this family run vietnamese joint has some of the best pho broth in town. 

Monsieur Chatté - If you're working near the western market, then grab a salad to go or eat in house at the family run shop on Bonham Strand. 

Sweet Pea - Paring perfectly with our afternoon tea is a slice of cake for sharing among the office.  


Kita Yoga - A hidden studio carrying the New York vibes of it's owner, ex banker Nikita R, offers teachers who are hands on and ready to guide you through a beginner to flowing class. 

Yoga Bam Bam - If you're going to eat cake at sweet pea then go to class first in an aerial hammock or mat class with some of the best free lance yoga teachers in the city.  

The Yoga Room - Offers a variety of classes from morning til night with showers and amenities in house. 


Samadhi Training Centre for the Soul - Open daily for self practice, this space also holds guided meditation classes and crystal bowl healing sessions almost every Saturday. 

Man Mo Temple -  A temple for the worship of the literature god Man Tai (文帝) and the martial god Mo Tai (武帝). The two gods are popular among scholars and students who were seeking progress in their study or ranking during the Qing and Ming dynasties.

Hollywood park - Take a break outside among the tranquil ponds filled with turtles and zig zag bridges inside Hollywood Park. You can't miss it with it's Chinese architectural style and the large banyan tree. 


Lastly, we are in the heart of Sheung Wan and are open Monday to Friday 11 am - 8 pm and Saturday 11 am - 6 pm. Drop in and say hello, check out the space and discover a signature piece of hand crafted jewellery for you or a gift for a friend. 



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