Pantone Color of the year

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Pantone Color of the year

Living Coral – Pantone colour of 2019

The Pantone Color Institute declares the Color of the Year annually since 2000. Pantone not only forecast trends, but it also observes current trends and wishes to reflect and raise awareness on social issues through the yearly chosen colour. The Color of the Year has become an important guide in the creative industry, highly anticipated and has been widely used throughout the year.

Pantone has recently announced the colour of the year for 2019 — Living Coral. Pantone aims to use this fresh vibrant coral shade to remind us to be full of life as the corals in the sea, at the same time evoke people’s love and passion for nature.

However, an Australian designer duo, Jack and Huei have expressed their disappointment in this years’ colour choice as they believe that Living Coral fails to highlight the current condition of corals being destroyed, and have proposed a coral Pantone for the following year. 

Jack and Huei went through the Pantone’s swatch library and pulled out the shade P 115-1U and name it Bleached Coral, with the purpose of illustrating the coral bleaching condition in Australia, matching the colour of corals that loses its colour due to the effects of climate change. Through this, they hope to use Pantone’s influence to draw the public’s attention on dying corals and global warming situation.

Why do we need to raise awareness of coral bleaching? 

The colour of corals actually comes from a tiny plant-like organism called zooxanthellae. These microscopic algae live in their tissues and provide essential nutrients to corals. However, as climate changes, the water temperature rises and these algae die or leave their host, leading to the depigmentation of the corals, which is known as coral bleaching. 

The zooxanthellae algae give corals 90% of their energy through photosynthesis, so when corals lose the algae in their body, it diminishes their chances of survival. Not only does coral bleaching demonstrate the damage caused by global warming, but it also affects the ecosystem as coral reefs are the home to many marine lives. 

There are plenty of organizations around the world advocating coral reef protection, there is no exception for the World-Wide Fund for Nature. They have created MyCoralTriangle, an online platform that allows people across the globe to donate US$5 help saving any Coral Triangle of your choice. The money raised will be used to protect the marine habitats in the Coral Triangle, in places like Wakatobi, Indonesia and Semporna, Malaysia.

The WWF Hong Kong branch has held an eco-field trip to Hoi Ha Wan, which aims to educate the public about the importance of marine conservation.


Protecting the Earth has always been one of niin’s objectives, we always convey the message of treading lightly on the earth as a way of environmental protection. Hence, in 2010 we collaborated with Marissa Fung Shaw to create the Gaia Bracelets Collection. Each bracelet holds an important message about a different environmental issue, a brief description is printed on the packaging, in hopes of the wearer can share the signification with friends and family. Apart from that, 10% of the profit will be donated to WWF in order to support their conservation work.

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