Your Ultimate Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

January 28, 2019 0 Comments

Your Ultimate Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, like most hallmark dates, is not the most environmentally friendly of all holidays. However, at niin, we believe that you can express and share your love with your special someone in a more conscious way that will minimize your carbon footprint made on Mother Earth. 

To help you get ready for Valentine’s Day, we have rounded up some of our favourite gifts for your loved ones. Remember, the best gifts always come from the heart, and authentic presents usually beat generic store-bought gifts.

Niin sustainable jewellery

Our eco-jewellery tells a story of caring for the Earth and embracing natural beauty through the unique handcrafted designs featuring sustainably sourced materials, wherever possible.

Our most recent collection, Ha tha is represented by the sun and moon, the two energies are intertwined as we hope to stay in the dance together as one with nature. Let the Ha tha collection connect the energy between you and your loved one on Valentine’s Day. The Ha tha Block Pendant Earrings (HK$1,700) and the Ha tha Cuff (HK$2,600) features upcycled shell and woods as well as copper detailing, copper being ruled by planet Venus, not only reminds a woman of the energy force she carries, it also represents youth, love, charisma, optimism and independence. 

This classic Diamond, Driftwood and Shell Heart on Vermeil Chain Bracelet (HK$1,580) is made using a small piece of driftwood, hand carved and inlaid with Mother of Pearl shell and a small diamond for a bit of sparkle. Perfect for a more traditional Valentines day themed present.

Unique to other cufflinks, niin brings the healing properties to its design. Spoil your man this Valentines with Sisu Cube Cufflinks (HK$4,000, special offer $2800). With slices of smoky quartz crystal that rests between the brushed gold sterling silver base, this can be easily incorporated for a timeless regal look. 

Drawing inspiration from niin’s Asian roots, the stone beaded bracelets offer a modern alternative to traditional prayer bead styles. The Single Chunky 8MM Bead Bracelet with Meteorite and Onyx (HK$980, special offer $686) is full of mystery and power, it’s said to aid in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina. While the Single Chunky 8MM Bead Bracelet with Meteorite in Carnelian (HK$980, special offer $686) promotes courage, creativity, harmony and also good fortune. Some call it the actor's stone. It is also believed to aid memory and provide balance and eases sorrows. 

We offer complimentary gift wrapping and international shipping for all online orders through our website Or come visit us at the niin boutique at Gough Street to view the full range of products to select the perfect piece for your perfect Valentine’s Day.


Enjoy Each Other’s Company in a Workshop

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to bask in each other's company? For the first time ever in store, niin will be offering 2 crafts workshops: Mummy & Me Valentine's Workshop for kids and families who are looking to get a little bit more hands-on, and Valentine's Drinks and Crafts Workshop with Scott's Apothecary for couples who want to do more than just a fancy dinner. Click on the link below for more information:

9th February - Mummy & Me Valentine's Workshop

13th February Valentine's Drinks and Crafts Workshop


Valentine’s Day Couple Spa Date

There’s nothing more romantic and sexy than getting oiled up and rubbed down on Valentine’s Day. Opt for a couple’s massage as a gift for both of you, we recommend an ultimate indulgent spa experience at the Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental.


Handwritten Love Letter

Texting has become a convenient way to communicate with your partner but it also lacks a personal touch that handwritten letters written on paper used to deliver.

“A kiss emoji is so different from a lipstick kiss mark on a letter. Similarly, a picture of a flower, even stunningly beautiful, cannot be compared to the delivery of a real flower into the hands of the significant other. Sending handwritten letters and postcards today is a romantic gesture, and these signs of true affection are appreciated.”*

So go ahead, channel your inner poet, grab a fountain pen and start writing down how you truly feel about your loved one.


Green Chocolates

Who doesn't love a bit of chocolate for Valentine's Day or any day of the year for that matter? Unfortunately, most mass-produced chocolates are unhealthy, unethical and produced using unsustainable methods. If you're picking up some of the sweet stuff, be sure to look for bars that are fair-trade, organic, vegan or even homemade and enjoy your chocolate munching guilt-free.
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