All things Wonderfruit and how niin came to life, in the fields of Pattaya.

We lived, we loved, we wondered at Wonderfruit Festival last month in Pattaya, Thailand. Jeanine had the honour of sharing her story on conscious design and following her heart. 

From her childhood dream of owning a shop, to discovering how much waste was in the fashion industry, she made a commitment to manifest her dream into reality. 

When Jeanine lived in London, she used to wake up at 3 am with her push trolly, would be one of the first to arrive at the Portobello street market. She would set up her corner stall, which had the most traffic and tested out the market first hand at selling her pieces. 

Over the years, she learned through trial and error through seeking out artisans who could bring her designs to life and after the move back to Hong Kong, she was mentored by a couple who had a crystal shop in the Jade Market. 

She began to recreate using driftwood and abalone shells she'd collected over the years from restaurants and beaches. Adding value through design and using crystals to make them into pieces of jewellery which she could sell. 

And that's how niin was born. niin was always Jeanine's nickname and in Finnish, when you add niin to the end of a sentence, it implies positivity and is the driving force behind the brand instilling positivity in people's lives. The brand is also committed to reminding everyone to tread lightly on the earth, by making conscious choices. 


There is something for everyone in the fields. Here are Jeanine's top five favourite moments in the fields of Pattaya. 

1. A feast hosted by Chef Gaggan Anand and surrounded by her closest friends and a great live band playing the Beatles in the background. It was a feast for all the senses. 

2. While at the cacao ceremony, there was a lion dance performance near the solar stage at sunset to close the weekend. An auspicious moment imprinted for years to come.

3. Foot rubs in the fields when we needed a rest from walking and dancing. 

4.  A thai mushroom tom yum soup, where you picked your mushrooms straight from the dirt. It doesn't get more fresh than that.  

 5. A constant favourite, crepes filled with bananas and Nutella, sheared with bestie Rosemary Vanderbroucke.

Tickets for the next wonderfruit festival are on sale already, so start planning to meet us in the fields next time at 
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Niin Team
Niin Team


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