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Gaia Bracelet - Tiger

A special item with 10% donation that goes to WWF, waxcord bracelet with rose gold-plated silver pendant addressing the concern for the Tiger.

The tiger is the largest member of the Felid (cat) family. The sport long, thick reddish coats with white bellies and white and black tails. Their heads, bodies, tails and limbs have narrow black, brown or grey stripes. There were once nine subspecies of Tigers: Bengal, Siberian, Indochinese, South Chinese, Sumatran, Malayan, Caspian, Javan, and Bali. Of these, the last three are extinct, one is extinct in the wild, and the rest are endangered.

Poaching, illegal trade, habitat loss, human-tiger conflict

Habitat: Indo Malayan, Paleartic

Interesting Facts

  • Tigers can leap up to 10 meters
  • A tiger consumes up to 40kg of meat at one time
  • The Siberian Tiger is one of the biggest cats in the wild

Material: Rose Gold-plated Silver, Wax Bracelet.
Weight: 2g
Dimension: Pendant: 1.4cm x 1.8cm
Product Code: 00-004

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