Walk barefoot and plant your feet on Mother Earth. Awaken your sense of awe and offer gratitude.

Meaning “life” in Portuguese, VIDA is a collection inspired by the cork forests of Comporta, Portugal. Its majestic trees are a haven for a universe of wildlife.

On misty mornings, niin founder Jeanine would meditate under their lush canopies. With every breath, she could feel the forest come to life, as the first rays of sunlight broke the sacred stillness of the night.

Every nine years, man has come to strip the cork trees, allowing them to regenerate and in the process absorb up to five times more carbon dioxide.

Just as these trees shed old bark, we too need to strip away the things that no longer serve us. As we let go of what we no longer need, it is important to practice gratitude for the lessons we have learned along the way. Only then are we able to create the space for new possibilities.

The VIDA collection honours the elements of life. Whitewood and repurposed tiger kamagong wood represent the earth, upcycled abalone shell echoes the flow of water, and brass and gold-plated sterling silver reflect the light of fire. To balance our energies and promote spiritual growth, natural crystals of amazonite, smoky quartz, agate dyed green, citrine and yellow rutilated quartz float with the lightness of air throughout the collection.

There was once a time when we lived in true harmony with the environment and beings around us. VIDA expresses a desire to return to that balance: to honour where we have come from, rediscover who we really are, and align ourselves once more with the source of life and the power of nature.

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