Crystal Focus - Blue Lace Agate

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Crystal Focus - Blue Lace Agate

With an uplifting energy and soft colour giving it an immediate and timeless elegance, the Blue Lace Agate has a very positive and calming effect on our emotions. Although most agates are traditionally known for their protective properties, the blue lace agate is a stone of encouragement and support.

With the ability to enhance communication, this special crystal is said to empower the voice of those who struggle to speak up in public, or articulate their thoughts and feelings with others. Also assisting those who speak too hastily, by bringing calm and the right words in confronting or fast decision-making situations; as well as helping those who experience difficulties with keeping secrets.

Blue Lace Agate - Star of David Pendant Necklace

Blue Lace Agate builds up courage, self-confidence and maturity, in doing so, it helps to conquer fears of being rejected and judged. This allows the wearer to easily express emotions and feelings freely and openly with others.

As a stone which supports the Throat Chakra, blue lace agate is said to aid in throat related illness, including sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid problems. It is also believed to assist in strengthening bones and cardiac muscles.

Blue Lace Agate Raw Crystal

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Ajei Blue Lace Agate Round Stack Ring Ajei Blue Lace Agate Star of David Pendant Necklace Ajei Faceted Stud Earrings - Blue Lace Agate 

Ajei Blue Lace Agate Pendant Earrings

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