meet the mum:me: Jeanine Hsu

May 07, 2018 0 Comments

meet the mum:me: Jeanine Hsu

Meet our first mum:me, niin founder Jeanine Hsu and her 2.5 year old son Kai. 

Together they created the first pieces of the collection by stringing together moonstone and jade on a natural coloured string. 

True to Jeanine's heart of treading lightly on the earth, this design reflects her love for the earth and her family. She also chose the two stones because they reflect calm and balance which a mum needs! 

Moonstone is known for it's healing property to trust your intuition and bring the heart and mind into balance. It's a reminder as a mum to trust your intuition when it comes to your child's needs.  Jade is the stone of the heart and the shape of a heart is only created when two hearts are joined together. 

Running her own business means that mornings and evening routines are all about family time, building things out of blocks, playing with the train sets, bubbles baths and winding down with milk, stories and cuddles. 

 Jeanine's mum:me truth: 

“Happy Mummy, Happy Baby”

"I definitely feel that babies can feel our vibe, and react accordingly. Finding balance is the main daily challenge being a mum, especially when you work and feel guilty leaving them most days. I hope that him seeing me working hard for my passion will inspire him to do the same."


Photographed by Paul Sunga


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