The Yin Collection explores the journey we take within ourselves in our pursuit of balance and a mindful existence. Stepping-stone motifs and cage cut-outs represent the pathways we travel down throughout our lives and the gateways we step through, always seeking the promise of discovery. These designs cradle the symbols and ideas of ancient Asiatic philosophy, celebrating the beauty of contrast and capturing the delicate equilibrium of nature, body, and spirit.

Inspired by the yin energies of flowing water, the earth, the moon and female chi, traditional jade carved shapes are reimagined with Tiger Kamagong wood, green aventurine, brass, grey penshell and mother of pearl, creating emblems of protection, strength, and courage for a modern world.


The Zayah collection is inspired by the beauty of transformation. Just as the elements of earth shape one another through movement and seasonal forces, this collection explores the contrasts of the natural world and the breath-taking majesty they create. The untamed, dynamic energy of the earth is personified in one of history’s most iconic women, Cleopatra. Her mystique and independence have been immortalised through legend and literature and live on today in the creativity and strength of the modern woman.

 Inspiration has been brought to life in designs featuring recycled wood, brass, gold, lapis lazuli, white stones and abalone shells, fused together in bold geometric shapes and elemental forms to create a collection to be coveted.



The Umbra Collection celebrates the unseen - the light hum of dragonflies, the ethereal wonder of secret forest groves and the exquisite beauty found in the dynamic tension and movement of nature. Featuring tiger camagong wood, labradorite, onyx, abalone shells and driftwood, the textures of umbra will take you on a journey through time, to an organic and elemental utopia.






 Designed by niin in collaboration with local Hong Kong stylists, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs; Olivia Buckingham, Claire Hsu, Alexandra Aguilera, Gabriella Zavatti, Helen Ma and Natalie Dupe. Representing all personalities from the demure to the daring, the savvy to the sophisticated, the personality rings: White Mischief, Kingfisher Bird, Magic Rouge, Daniella, Shyme and Baies are a welcome addition to any outfit and can be worn as an everyday staple statement piece or stacked for maximum effect.




 The Aurora Collection captures the timelessness of light. Like light, this collection is untethered, free and fluid. Paths of reflection and refraction are echoed in the drusy agate, crystallite and white shells of these pieces. Just as butterflies dance in hidden rhythms, the Aurora Collection curls and shines with lightness and freedom.  






 The Sienna Collection uses sustainably hand-sourced petrified wood and Jasper stones from the Philippines. The paradox of earthy wood and smooth crystallisation is both striking and wholesome. These rare pieces are cased in brass and woven with metal wire to harness the raw beauty of primordial nature; its natural confidence and eternal beauty.




 Nature and beauty is universal, materials obtained from extra-terrestrial sources and designs influenced by the galaxies. Limited edition meteorite pieces offering a unique grounding to help channel your mental energy and intuition.






The Gaia Bracelets are a creative initiative between Jeanine Hsu of niin and Marissa Fung-Shaw of Creative Partnerships to raise money and awareness for social and environmental issues, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to WWF - Hong Kong.  

The different designs reflect different environmental issues that need our attention; each bracelet comes with interesting facts about their issues.



Stunning natural beauty of the polished agate slices, wrapped and draped in metals, to encapsulate the healing energies these stones carry. A breath-taking collection of jewellery that is truly mesmerising.




Hand-collected driftwood from the Philippines is carved into delicate hearts and combined with ethically sourced mother of pearl and black lip shells to create these delicate love-infused pieces. Necklaces and bracelets for loved ones near and far, the Driftwood Heart collection enables everyone to share the love.


The niin gentleman is grounded, open-minded, and has a creative sense of style. Designed for those that appreciate the beauty in nature, the niin men's range consists of simple statement pieces to compliment every style.  


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