Gaia Bracelet - Bluefin Tuna

Special item with a donation that goes to WWF, waxcord bracelet with gold-plated brass pendant addressing the concern for the Bluefin Tuna.

One of the most endangered to critically endangered fish.

Status: Endangered to critically endangered
Reproductive maturity: 8-12 yrs
Natural lifespan: 15-30 yrs
1 in 40 million chance of reaching adulthood due to overfishing

Rampant overfishing of tuna, in particular bluefin tuna has led to a spectacular collapse of the species. Despite increased awareness of the plight of bluefin tuna, there is as yet no sign of a permanent recovery of this species and there are also concerns that yellowfin and bigeye tuna will suffer a similar fate.

2 populations: Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean

Interesting Tid Bits

  • A warm blooded fish
  • Torpedo like body built for speed and long distance
  • Top speed: 70-100km/hr when chasing prey
  • Tuna comes from the Greek word meaning 'to rush'

Product code 00-002

Category: Gaia, Gold Plated

Type: B

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