Gaia Bracelet - Fresh Water

Special item with a donation that goes to WWF, waxcord bracelet with rhodium-plated silver pendant addressing the concern for the Fresh Water.


  • Dams have already fragmented 60% of major rivers worldwide and displaced up to 80 million people, and even more are being built or are planned.
  • Pollution and large water footprints
  • 1.1 billion people lack access to water and 2.6 billion lack adequate sanitation
  • There has been more than a 50% decline in freshwater species populations over the last 30 years, making species loss in freshwater systems faster than any other biome.


  • Harnessing water's energy can produce hydropower
  • Water makes up 60-70% of a humans body

Interesting Tid Bits

  • 200 litres of water are used to produce the sugar in 1 can of cola
  • A large part of the water footprint of developed nations is accounted for by water used in other nations to produce commodities.


Material: Rhodium-plated Silver, Wax Bracelet.
Weight: 4g
Dimension: Pendant: 0.6cm x 1.2cm
Product Code: 00-009

Category: Gaia, Rhodium Plated

Type: B

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