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Gaia Bracelet - Panda

A special item with 10% donation that goes to WWF, waxcord bracelet with a rhodium-plated silver pendant addressing the concern for the Panda.

The Giant Panda is listed as endangered in the World Conservation Unions (IUCN's) Red List of threatened species. There are about 1,600 left in the wild. More than 300 pandas live in zoo's and breeding centres around the world, mostly in China.

Scientific Name: Ailuropoda Melanoleuca
Population: 1600 in the wild (2004)

Poaching and habitat destruction through logging

Pandas need land and bamboo - temperate broadleaf and mixed forest of Southwest China

Interesting Facts
Pandas have evolved special features to help them eat their favourite food: strong jaws, large molars, and a "thumb" that helps them hold the bamboo while they eat!

Material: Rhodium-plated Silver, Wax Bracelet.
Weight: 2g
Dimension: Pendant: 1.1cm x 1.5cm
Product Code: 00-001

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