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Vida Cage Pendant Necklace

The Vida Cage Pendant necklace is a reversible necklace that features rutilated quartz on one side and smokey quartz on the other. This combination not only assists with purifying negative energy but also one's reconnection with Mother Earth.
Vida 鏤空吊墜項鍊是一條雙面佩戴的項鍊,分別鑲上髮晶和煙水晶。 結合兩種水晶不僅有助於淨化負能量,還有助於重新與大地之母重新聯繫。"

Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Yellow Rutilated Quartz, Smokey Quartz 

Weight: -

Chain length 42cm
Pendant diameter 20mm

Product Code: 43-022

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