Vida Round Pendant Earrings

Let these Vida Round Pendant Earrings reconnect you with Mother Earth. It features upcycled abalone, known to be the ears of the seas and helps the wearer carry energies of protection and emotional balance. Round in shape to reflect the cycle of life and a reminder to live lightly as we too will one day return to the sea.
讓這雙 Vida 吊墜耳環聯繫您與孕育萬物的大地。耳環當中的環保鮑魚殻,被稱為海洋的耳朵,幫助佩戴者得到防護和平衡情緒的能量。圓形的設計代表著生命的循環,提醒我們在繁忙生活中活得輕鬆自在,因為終有一天我們都會回歸到大自然。

Upcycled White Wood, Tiger Kamagong Wood, Abalone Shell, Brushed Brass, Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Earring Hooks

Weight: -

Dimension: -

Product Code: 43-003

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