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Vida Smoky Quartz Oval Stud Earrings

Perfect for everyday wear, these Vida Stud Earrings features smokey quartz, it is believed that smokey quartz will protect you from negative energy and emotions like fear, anger and jealousy and transmit them back to earth.
這款 Vida 橢圓耳釘採用煙水晶設計,非常適合日常佩戴。煙水晶可以幫助您免受負面能量、恐懼、憤怒和嫉妒等情緒的影響,並將它們釋放回大地之中。

Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Smokey Quartz 

Weight: -

Stud size 10 x 5mm

Product Code: 43-013

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