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Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, our world is continually shifting around us. Change is an eternal presence that ripples through all of our lives.

The Eska Collection creatively reimagines and pays respect to the element of water. Encouraging hope and positivity, the designs of this collection channel the cleansing and purifying qualities of nature’s glaciers, oceans, rivers and rains.

The element of water refreshes, restores and washes away what has come before, creating new starts and sources of fresh inspiration. Just as the tip of an iceberg reveals only a hint of what lies beneath, these designs encourage an alternative perspective and the reassurance that there is always a part of us which rises above the surface.

Upcycled abalone shells and moonstone refract light in beautiful colours reminiscent of the polar lights in the night sky, while white kabibi shell conveys purity and peace in contemporary pieces designed to be worn with confidence.

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