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The Ancient Romans worshipped the moon goddess Luna. She represents fertility and regeneration and many women prayed to her for assistance in bringing new life into the world.

It is this theme and time of rebirth and renewal in the world that inspired our new collection, LUNA.

Central to this collection is aquamarine,"water of the sea" in Latin. This translucent blueish-green gemstone not only carries the soothing, cleansing properties of the sea, but also brings with it the power of regeneration and rebirth.

Just as moonlight changes depending on the phase of the moon, the LUNA collection creatively plays with light by pairing aquamarine and mother of pearl with metallic elements such as gold foil,18k vermeil, stainless steel and brushed brass to symbolise the time and cycle of the moon. Our hope is to bring an opening of energy between the heart and the throat with the aquamarine so we can cleanse, trust and let go during this time.

Like a woven dream there is a dance of refracted shimmers of light with bold sparkles of metal. The pieces in our LUNA collection reflect a sense of universal harmony and a life of endless possibilities whilst providing a sense of calm like the moon in a world that is ever moving and changing.

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