Ha tha

The Ha tha collection serves as a reminder that we are always in the balancing of masculine and feminine, darkness and light. Represented by the sun and moon, the two energies are intertwined into each of us as we hope to stay in the dance together as one with nature.

Ha, representing the sun, and being masculine is hot and active like the solid metals in the collection; stainless steel, rose gold, silver and brushed copper.

Tha, representing the moon and femininity is cool, receptive, gentle like the earthy materials of upcycled woods, abalone shells and white Agate stone.

Connect to the Earth for strength and bring courage to create newly through rudraksha beads from the bodhi tree. Combine the astros represented by green, black rutilated quartz, yellow moss agate and black onyx to leave the past behind and be in the now.

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